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Thomas was referred to us by a friend who used him for a wedding, and we have to say, we could not be more happy that we chose him to do our wedding here in Chicago this March! After our initial meeting with Thomas, we loved that fact that the wedding package included a complimentary engagement shoot, giving us the chance to work with him and get comfortable before the big day. The compliments from our engagement photos came rolling in non-stop. Thomas has an eye for the greatest impromptu photo opportunities, color and scenery, and he  made the engagement shoot a lot of fun. He also somehow managed to make my fiance (who is for the record VERY uncomfortable in front of the camera) laugh and look natural throughout the shoot. Win!

The day of the wedding Thomas and his assistant arrived on time and started shooting our getting ready shots right away. I loved their ability to capture photos while we didn't even realize we were being photographed. As we were being driven to our wedding venue after our "first look" in a beautiful white Rolls Royce, Thomas popped up from his sunroof while his assistant drove and started taking photos of us driving behind him! He even got out of his vehicle and ran ahead while we were stuck in traffic to capture our car driving over one of Chicago's iconic bridges downtown. Now that's dedication!

I can not wait to see how our wedding photos turned out, I have no doubt they will be treasured for years to come. Thanks Thomas Slack Photography! xo

Sarah E - March 2016


Just wanted to take the time to reach out and thank you again for taking such wonderful/beautiful/talented pictures of my husband and I for our engagement and wedding day. I could not have asked for anything more and the memories that you have given us are completely priceless. As I am going though them once again to pick which ones to have printed for our new home I honestly cannot decide--you took too many great ones! You are so talented and I love continuing to see your amazing work. Words are not enough to thank you for what you have given us! Thank you so much! ‪#‎thankyouthankyouthankyou‬‪#‎yourbiggestfans‬ ‪#‎hirehim‬

RaeAnn - Feb 2016


My husband and I worked with Thomas for two photo shoots, one was a pre-wedding or engagement shoot and the other was for our wedding.  First and foremost, the pictures are unbelievable, some of the best photos I have ever seen.  Great lighting, composition, style and direction from Thomas that led to a more editorial quality to the photos, which we love.  (The engagement photos are actually being featured in a magazine.) 

At the wedding, he and his assistant were able to mingle within the crowd and all I kept hearing was how nice the Photographers were!  He even got my father to smile, not sure if I have ever seen that in a photo!

Thomas, was always quick to respond to any questions we had, accommodating for every request and was even able to save the day not only once but twice with two wardrobe malfunctions!  

We would highly recommend Slack Photography for ANY event!  And plan on using him for all of our big events.

Brian W - Nov 2015


I used Slack Photography for my November 2015 wedding and couldn't be happier with the quality of the photos. The lighting, scenery, moments Thomas captured were pure perfection. His photography far exceeded any expectations I had. Also, working with Thomas was delightful. From our very first meeting until the end of the wedding night Thomas kept things so easy and comfortable. He is a true artist and really enjoys what he does. I spent A LOT of time researching photographers, and without a doubt, his photography couldn't be more beautiful and reasonably priced compared to his competitors. I give the highest of praises to Slack Photography and hope I have the pleasure of working with them again.

Holly G - Nov 2015


I can't say enough great things about Thomas. We are both artists who make our living this way, who live in CA and we were very picky about how we wanted our wedding photos to come across. Thomas is extremely talented and has a keen eye to what is cool, timeless, fashionable and nostalgic. His Photo Journalism style was perfect for us, as I do not like too many traditional photos where we are all just standing around like zombies smiling. He captured my family members crying, laughing, etc... and honest, beautiful moments that I am very thankful for. I wish I could share here some of the photos as they look like they belong in Vogue. We were beyond satisfied with his work, his scouted locations and his eye...and we now have beautiful, unique photos that we are proud to display 3 years later...He was not a friend of mine when I hired him, so this is an unbiased, honest review...Do yourself a favor and hire Thomas Slack!

Kathryn M - Oct 2015


The level excellence, professionalism, and true creative talent that Thomas Slack possesses is impossible to convey through a simple review. A few weeks have passed since our wedding day, and my husband and I cannot help but reflect on our appreciation for all of the incredible people that worked behind the scenes to help make our day so memorable. Thomas was undoubtedly one of them. 

Thomas's patience and calming demeanor are only one of his strengths as a photographer (while very impressive!). His greatest attribute lies in his art, as he is truly a master of his craft. After receiving our engagement photos, it became clear that Thomas had an artistic eye and was a natural behind the camera; however, it wasn't until we received the wedding photos that his talent, skill, and experience became most apparent. I can be a bit of a control-freak at times, and I was amazed that Thomas captured every detail without having to be told. From the first kiss - to the fine lace detail of my dress, he didn't miss a beat. The day after our wedding, I told my husband that I never want to forget the feeling of love we experienced in the room that day, and thanks to Thomas, that is possible. Each photo brings back every raw emotion, and that is exactly what you want from a photographer. 

In addition to all of this, he is just an awesome guy and someone both of us consider a friend moving forward. We can't wait to work with him in the future...we know he's already getting phone calls from our family and friends. 

Thank you, Thomas! You're the best.

Dina B - August 2015


We had a fabulous experience working with Slack Photography. I highly recommend hiring Thomas for any of your special events. His photos are gorgeous and he has really creative ideas, which we loved. Leading up to the wedding, he was extremely responsive by email, with us being in completely different states, I greatly appreciated. On the big day, he was incredibly flexible to changing plans (such as when the party bus decided to stop for hot and ready pizza on the way to the reception - he was there to capture the moment!). Thomas is very easy going and fun to work with - he magically captured moments that I didn't even know were happening! Now we have a wonderful play-by-play of our whole day. We are really thankful he captured these moments so beautifully. Overall, Thomas was one of the best choices I made while planning the wedding. Thanks, Thomas!

Jessica R - August 2015


Thomas started out as our wedding photographer but at the end of our wedding he felt like a guest. Picking a wedding photographer was one of the most stressful items on our long to do list for the wedding. There were so many options out there and we wanted to pick the perfect one. Our wedding was very large, formal affair and the photographer needed to fit into our large group. We wanted a photographer that was fun but discrete, gave direction but not be bossy, have great, creative ideas but not be over the top, and someone that we could relax enough around so that they could capture who we were as a couple. Thomas exceed every expectation we had for a wedding photographer. We met Thomas the morning of our wedding about ten minutes into it we didn't feel like we were getting our picture taken by a stranger, we felt like we were hanging out with a friend. The pictures turned out amazing. We chose to do a first look and I am so glad we did. Thomas set it up perfectly and it was an unforgettable experience and one that I would highly recommend. He had an amazing way of getting fantastic pictures but giving us our privacy to share the special moment. During the whole ceremony and reception he took amazing pictures without being in the way or drawing attention. Thomas suggestions for pictures were fantastic and creative. All of our quests commented on how he was and how beautiful the pictures were. I highly recommend Slack Photography, he is not only a gifted photographer but he is a great guy.

Dexter R - August 2015


Words can not explain how phenomenal an experience we had with Thomas as our wedding photographer.  Thomas shot our wedding in Boston and he was amazing.  He is an ultimate professional and is the upper echelon of his profession.  His attention to detail is very evident, but with this he is very laid back allowing for the couple to be comfortable, confident, and portray sincere emotion and feeling in each picture.  We would recommend Thomas without reservation.

Jeff B - July 2015


I work in the wedding industry and when it was my turn to get married, I knew exactly what kind of photos I was looking for. I spent months researching and everyone I found was more like the goldilocks porridge story... Not right. Wether it was pricing, packages or photos in general, I wasn't having any luck! A photographer friend of mine recommended that I checked out Thomas's work. I was hooked. I knew I wanted more of a photo journalist and he exceeded my expectations with every photo! He has such a eye for amazing lighting and even more for those special candid moments. It's rare to find someone with skills like this and within a reasonable price range! We are paying for our own wedding and although I didn't want to skimp out on photos, I also couldn't  justify spending thousands and thousands of our budget. He is also very fun to work with! My fiancé was a little worried about getting "direction" before our engagement shoot and he walked away feeling totally comfortable and obviously really liked Thomas a lot! His photos speak for themselves. If you're looking for someone that won't need you to tell him the shots to take throughout your wedding day, he is the man. I will be referring anyone and everyone to him! Also, my mom loves him. Moms know best, guys.

Mary Kate - June 2015


I would venture to say we were pretty relaxed about our expectations. We have a small event, local wedding. I knew Thomas and seen some of his work and we agreed on the date and a good deal. 

I must be quite honest in saying that I'm impressed. Our expectations were simple and we just wanted a few good shots to frame and document our day. We got a whole lot more. I was most impressed with Thomas' ability to manage the crowd during the photo shoot (25 people on a trolley). Things were smooth, swift, yet relaxed.

I knew Thomas' work to be creative and I wanted to avoid the high-school-photoshoot type of result. He picked a few really funky spots, and including the DJ choice, he was the best vendor choice we made at our wedding.
There is enough to plan that day, and it's nice to see someone take over. You don't often see talent for craft and professionalism in the same person. I would definitely highly recommend Slack Photo.

Joe S - Nov 2014


You ROCK! We are in love with every single photo. best.photographer.ever! :)

Beth R - Sept 2014


Thomas does superior work. My wife and I met with him and were instantly charmed: he doesn't deal in gimmicks (photographic or otherwise) or try to pump you for add-ons. He does solid work and helped us through trying to figure out the logistics of engagement and wedding photography (we're not too creative but he certainly is!) 

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest him for anyone looking for a photographer.

Phong N - Jan 2014


Let me start by saying, I personified the stereotypical groom when it came to my wedding.  Very happy to be getting married, but in no way was able to live up to the excitement and expectations of my bride-to-be.  Every wedding decision I was brought in on was viewed through the lens of a cost benefit analysis, as opposed to girlish joy brought on by a lifetime of dreaming of this special day.   So, of course when we were looking at options on photographers, I tried to downplay their importance and suggested we use this as an area to cut costs -  "A picture is a picture..."

My now wife explained to me, in no uncertain terms, that photography was the one area we didn't want to scrimp, as these photos would be an archive of this day, long after the memories faded.  After reviewing a handful of high-end photographers, all offering variations of what  to my untrained eye, looked to be the same boring wedding photographs, I could not be convinced.  I then remembered Thomas Slack, someone I waited tables with while we were both in college, was a photographer, so I looked him up on Facebook and found his website.

Thomas' pictures were exactly what we were looking for.  They were crisp, clean, artistic, modern, captured emotion, and, most importantly, competitively priced compared to some of the traditionalists we had seen.

When the big day arrived, Thomas encouraged me to loosen up with a couple drinks, which was great in and of itself.  Unlike other weddings I've been in, he made the photo session fun without being cheesy, and recognized everyone's desire to get photos done quickly so all parties could get back to the wedding.  As ours was a destination wedding, Thomas had plenty of time to mingle with our family and friends and he was a hit all around.

After the wedding, he immediately posted a blog featuring a sampling of the pictures.  Everyone was blown away by just how great they turned out.  Having reviewed other weddings Thomas has covered, I'm certain that being overjoyed by his abilities to capture the magic of a day is a universally shared experience by all friends, family and couples he has worked with.  Moreover, for those that were not able to attend, he brought the event to life. 

It's been a month since my wedding and I still scroll through the photos a couple times a day to look at my beautiful bride, great friends and fantastic family.   Without Thomas, my wife still would have been beautiful, but the way he properly captured her elegance, grace and humor draws me back daily...

Andy C. - Nov 2011 


So I have to say, my uncle Chad's photos along with the rest of your photos, are absolutely beautiful. I love photography, and after seeing your pictures, you inspire me to take amazing photos like that. The colors, the ideas you have are truly amazing. Your photos are the best I've EVER seen, hands down.

Cort Lubben - Oct 2012 


Thank you brother. We absolutely love the photos. You're a wonderful talent, a pleasure to work with, and we honestly couldn't have been happier with your services. Many kuddos. Thanks again. You'll be hearing from us when we have our first born! Thanks again and we hope you enjoyed the wedding.

Chad Lubben - Dec 2012



Seriously, you are amazing at what you do. Mary and I just spent like an hour going through all 525 photos from the engagement session. Of course there are some where we aren't happy with our selves, but seriously we love everything you did and the photos are great! I'm super pumped for our wedding day now just so we can get some more awesome artistic pictures.  Thank you so much again!

Corey W. - November 2012


Thomas Slack didn't just come to our engagement photo shoot with an all systems go approach - he straight up nailed it. My fiancee and I live in Austin - not only did Thomas travel down for the shoot - he definitely did his homework. He knew the lay of the land better than we did! He scoped out a perfect mix of playful and romantic backdrops for our loving shoot.

We felt so comfortable with Thomas - it was very natural to let our love shine through and have him capture the moments as they unveiled.

Not only was he incredible to work with, he was an absolute joy to spend time with as well. His demeanor is a healthy balance between unassuming and focused. He is grounded and a true professional at his craft. Frankly, he's just awesome.

I recommend Thomas Slack for any photography. From editorial to portrait (and everything in between) - Thomas (with 100 percent certainty) knows exactly what he is doing.

Thank you, Thomas!!

Rachel N. - April 2012 


I wish I could give Thomas more than 5 stars!  He shot our engagement pictures and wedding and was absolutely fantastic!

Even though we had only met him a few times before the day of our engagement pictures, Thomas made us feel totally comfortable with him as we cruised and climbed all over some cool and hidden Chicago spots.  Contrary to what our other friends had told us about their engagement pictures, we had a great time and were laughing all afternoon.  We couldn't be happier with how the engagement pictures turned out.

On our wedding day, Thomas' professionalism and communication skills were essential given how large our wedding party was (22 total).  He kept us moving and got some amazingly creative shots of us around Old Town and the lake.  You can be sure that Thomas will cause you no stress on your wedding day and keep everyone laughing.

After working with Thomas for our wedding and seeing a lot of his other work, I would highly recommend Thomas to shoot for any occasion.  He is a true master of his craft and on top of that a rad dude.

By far the coolest photographer around!

Brian R. - October 2012


5 Stars for Thomas Slack as our Wedding Photographer. 

My wife and I hired Thomas for our June 2012 Chicago wedding. Our first meeting went great as we reviewed his previous work, and chatted about the details. We knew he could handle our needs, being able to capture the standard "formal" shot with family and the bridal party as well as using his creativity to capture our special day with a unique style.

He and his assistant (both dressed appropriately) started with us early to get photos of the girls and guys getting ready.  I don't remember seeing him during the church service but the pictures we got back are amazing, to see the emotion on both of our faces is priceless.

He was able to wrangle our bridal party on a hot day at North Ave beach to get fun, not always posed pictures. They also worked perfectly with our videographers. They continued to get great shots throughout the night of all in attendance, including, candid shots of people having a blast at the reception, dancing to their favorite song. 

We received the final product of the edited images, quicker than we thought. They are perfect and could not ask for anything more, thank you!  Thomas is a professional that you can trust to take control and get the pictures that you will treasure for a lifetime.

I 100% recommend Thomas, he is worth the investment. Plus he is just a really cool guy.

Chris D. - June 2012


Thomas photographed our October wedding. Not only did he have many of the "traditional" shots, but he also took so many unique photos. He captured the excitement, the chemistry of our guests, the spontaneity and many candid moments. If you're looking for a very creative and talented photographer we highly recommend Slack Photography!

Karen Gaudio- Oct 2012


Thomas is brilliant.  He is truly a master of his craft.  I had a hard time explaining to my husband (prior to meeting Thomas) why pictures of our wedding were so important.  After our engagement session with Thomas, I did not have to do anymore explaining or whining.  My husband was that impressed with Thomas' work and work ethic.  His work is artistic and not your typical wedding photography.  Thomas is also very easy to get to know, so he listens to your wants for both the engagement shoot and the day of the wedding, although, I would trust his judgement as he has a keen eye for what works and what doesn't.  He is readily available if you have any questions at any point during the planning process, which makes things extremely easy if you are planning a wedding. I can't possibly describe how great he truly is -- but his work speaks for itself.

Kristin L. - Oct 2012


Hey Thomas, Happy New Year, hope all is well with you!  We just received the CD in the mail, (thanks for sending that!) and I realized that in all the craziness of the last few months I never thanked you for the amazing work you did.  The pictures came out so great, and you & Kyle were a blast to work with.  I really appreciate all the attention to detail and the creativity of the pictures, you're definitely a talented team.  

We love the photos, and have been raving about them, hopefully you might even get a few referrals out of it as I've sent your website to several folks.  

Thanks again, best of luck to you! 

Pat - Jan 2013


We used Thomas for our 4/28/2012 wedding and could not have asked for a better experience.  We live out of town and we found Thomas through other reviews and lists, reviewed his website along with a few others.  We had one trip to Chicago to visit and really liked Thomas' style, personality and philosophy and of course his photos.  We really wanted to go w/ an independent photographer and not a studio so we knew we would pay a little more.  I still think the price was reasonable for 8 hours, two shooters and DVD of all the photos, engagement shoot, etc.  Being out of town, we never quite linked up with Thomas for an engagement shoot.  Thomas was always responsive to our emails and phone calls.  On the big day, everyone arrived on time and was great to work with. I hate getting my picture taken and had a headache-Thomas made me feel great and relaxed.  We never felt rushed or forced as we were taking photos.  Thomas worked with our requirements of some skyline and picasso.  He knew exactly what would work with the partly cloudy, chilly, windy weather to get us the best photos.  At the reception we could tell they were capturing all the moments but we never felt like we had cameras in our face.  Just waiting on the photos for the final star!

Update--we received all the photos and they are great.  We have received many compliments and could not be more please with our choice. 


Thomas is definitely the photographer to go with for your wedding.  He made all of our photos on the big day go by so smoothly.  He was a pleasure to work with from the get go - made it fun and very collaborative.  But more importantly his work is outstanding - just two minutes on his website and that much will be clear to you.  Such a great eye and a true artist.  Thomas thanks so much for helping make our wedding that much more special - if you go with him for your wedding he'll definitely do the same for yours.  A blast to work with, a great value, and top notch quality pictures.  What more can you want!


Thomas is an amazing photographer who we have hired on numerous occasions. He has worked with us for large/elaborate events and in very small/intimate settings. He photos are more than pictures, his photos tell stories that you will cherish forever. Thomas works with many clients and makes each one feel that they are the only one. A true class act!

Carrie Gowans - Flashes of Hope Chicago Chapter Director


We hired Thomas for our wedding in August 2008 and he did an amazing job. He takes beautiful pictures that capture the moment. We were very happy with our wedding pictures and plan to use him again for pictures of our daughter. In addition to taking beautiful pictures, Thomas is very easy to work with. Wedding days can be chaotic, but he just goes wigh the flow. I highly recommend Thomas to capture the memories of any major milestone in your life.


Thomas shot our wedding in 2006. He did an amazing job at capturing the story as well as my husband and my personalities. My husband is an architect, so Thomas understood that we did not just want pictures of ourselves. He was able to capture us in the architecture of the city. He put at easy the entire day and made shoot our wedding pictures fun. Something I will never forget. Also the amount of time Thomas spent with us, the amount of pictures he took, and the entire package we received... His price is very fair.


We hired Thomas 7 years ago for our wedding because we really liked his personal creative approach to photography (not your average wedding photographer - Thomas is a fine art photographer who also works on professional shoots) and his proactive, yet relaxed style.  He made every moment easy.  My husband and I still LOVE our wedding day photos!  We have recommended Thomas to every engaged couple we know.  Fortunately for them, many have happily hired him for their big day.  

He has also taken family photos and my pregnancy photos.  Always professional, cheerful and creative.  Always looking through the lens with an artistic angle.  Always warm and engaged in his work.


Seriously, 5-Stars is an injustice to the quality of work, level of professionalism, personality, and customer service.  We hired Thomas of Slack Photography based on a recommendation from my wife's friends.  Best recommendation we received ever.  Thomas exemplified the cool, calm, collected type of person that one wants on a day that is very busy and stressful.  He made me, someone not comfortable with having my picture taken, feel completely at ease.  He was able to take some AMAZING photographs of the wedding party, and had the most original ideas for scenery, and poses.  Now, the caveat is - if you want someone that is going to have you stand in front the a rose bush and get a repetitive "plug-and-chug" type of photos, this man is not for you - you wont be happy, and it will be a complete waste of his talent.  IF you want a photographer that has a great artistic eye, and great intuition for what the bride and groom will like - THIS is the GUY FOR YOU.  

Now the boring parts - but are also important - he presents very well and blends seamlessly into the background which allows him to get all the great candid shots you'll miss seeing in person.  He is ridiculously quick on the turn-around with the CD of photos.  His pricing almost makes you feel guilty, as in you are taking advantage of him ~ the best value for your money in the world of "over-priced wedding services."  

Final Comment:  If you are getting married and in need of a photograph that has style + skill + personality, make sure you take a look at Thomas.


After seeing my brother's wedding pictures taken by Thomas, we had to hire him for our September 2011 wedding.  There are definitely more cost effective options out there, BUT it shows in his pictures.  He is so talented and created such wonderful pictures and captured great memories.  We figured pictures were something that were going to last forever, so it was something we were willing to spend a little bit more on. We completed our engagement pictures and got them back after a few weeks. It gave us a good sense of what our wedding picture "style" would be. Engagement pictures were a fun experience in the city - our final "shoot" was in Millenium Park where they have the waterfall murals - Absolutely amazing pictures. He's got an eye for the unique and knows how to go off the beaten path (and seems to really enjoy doing so). It took about 2 months after the wedding to get the pictures back, but again, once we saw the pictures it was worth that wait. Aside from being talented, Thomas is cool and laid back guy.


We loved Thomas! For our wedding, we were looking for a photographer who was creative, took a journalistic approach to the event, but who would also capture some of the traditional wedding pictures. Thomas was able to accomplish all of that and without much guidance from us. His photos were remarkable, and yet he was able to take them without getting in the way or taking attention away from the events of the ceremony or reception.

We also had a pretty strict budget for our wedding and couldn't afford to go overboard when selecting a photographer. Thomas was able to work within our budget and help us come up with a customized package that contained everything we wanted. And, when we later decided to make some changes to our package, he was very accommodating.

Overall, Thomas was a pleasure to work with - very calm, flexible, and upbeat. And best of all, he made taking the pictures fun. I consistently recommend him to other friends getting married and would love to use him again for a special occasion in the future!


Photography for my wedding was one thing I refused to skimp on.  As the daughter of a photographer and fan of the art, I knew I would not settle for anything less than perfection.  After scouring the web and discussing with my now husband the countless options in photographers in Chicago, I quickly became overwhelmed.  What were we trying to portray in our pictures?  Did we want a more modern feel or romantic?  Were we really comfortable with dropping 10k on pictures?  Everywhere I went I was asking friends and colleagues for suggestions or referrals.  This is how we found Slack Photography.  After the first time we saw Thomas's portfolio and met him in person we knew we had found a perfect match.  He had the artistic eye we were looking for along with giving an authentic feel to the emotion of the day.  We discussed ahead of time some ideas for shots and collaborated on the locations.  Thomas and his assistant were extremely patient with our family and friends (which is not an easy task!) and were a true pleasure to spend our wedding day with.  We waited anxiously for our proofs and were not let down when we received them.  We couldn't have asked for a better photographer and are so thankful for the images captured of our big day!  We look forward to working with Thomas in the future!


Thomas was a wonderful photographer!  We found Thomas through our friends who had Thomas photograph their wedding a few years before ours.  I remember loving the photos from their wedding and once I was engaged I tracked down his name and we set up a meeting with him in Chicago.  Since the beginning, Thomas has been professional and yet knows how to bring humor or wit to make anyone feel comfortable.  Once viewing his latest work, I knew I loved his modern, clean, and creative look he brings to the photos and we booked him.  As a bride, planning for an event such as a wedding was a bit over whelming with all the details and preparations, however I never stressed about the photographer knowing that I had full confidence in Thomas and that I didn't need to worry about our day being captured artistically.  As our wedding day played out, he was sure to add in his own creativity with the photos.  He got along well with everyone and I am still impressed by how he handled the groomsmen who were a bit hard to instruct at times!  Looking back, I almost wish my husband and I would have set aside even more time to do even more exciting and creative photos.  Thomas did not disappoint, as he even grabbed us for a couple of down minutes here and there throughout the day to capture an image he had in mind.   Those images are my absolute favorite looking back and I will forever treasure the photos from our wedding day.